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Markus Goslar

Born in 1986, Markus Goslar spent much of his time playing sports and exercise at an early age. During his studies in engineering, he found his way into the Asian martial arts, where he achieved a high graduation and thus more and more engaged in the optimization of movement patterns. During this time, his interest grew in topics such as holistic health, nutrition, psychology, spirituality – with the goal to optimize one’s own performance and well-being.

He therefore began to engage in meditation and various methods of mental training, coaching and neuro-linguistic programming and attended several training courses in these areas.

After experiencing the effects of different physical methods on his own body, the techniques that are used to manipulate the muscular connective tissue, the fascia, left a lasting impression.

After almost 5 years in various professional projects as an engineer, he decided to reorient himself and realized his dream of a trip around the world. During the two-year journey, he encountered various inspirational approaches and possible perspectives in different countries. He also discovered the ES-Equilibrium State method developed by Dirk Beckmann.

Fascinated by the possibilities and driven by the desire to improve his own quality of movement and to free the body of blockages, he decided to learn this method himself and to complete the training as an ES Master Practitioner.

Today, Markus Goslar lives and works in Hamburg, where he helps people to improve their quality of movement, to raise awareness of their own body and to regain a natural state of equilibrium.

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